Highly flexible vacuum with precision

TrailerVAC™ SDW-3,5T is the flexible and mobile vacuum that easily can be connected to a pickup and operated by only one person. The vacuum and the toothed nozzle makes it possible to dig and collect material without damaging cables or other sensitive materials. For a better working environment and fewer cable breaks.

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Plug in and dig. Easy and exact.

The diesel powered TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T has a toothed nozzle and vacuum 500mbar. This method releases soil, gravel and stone, while the vacuum works as a powerful and precise excavator. This means that you dig without adding pressure - which avoids damage to the underlying materials and cables and considerably improving the working environment. With TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T you avoid large excavation holes, leftover masses and unnecessary damage.



Shallowly dug cables that must not be damaged are a common problem when digging. With TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T you get close to the current location and can easily dig and collect the material. The hand-held nozzle makes it possible to detect cabling in time, before costly cable breaks occur. The powerful suction unit can handle particles up to 60 mm in diameter. All material is collected in the tank which is emptied with weight-balanced tipping.

For a better working environment

With its light weight of 3.5 tons, the TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T can easily be connected to a pickup and operated by one person. In other words, no more excavators or back pain. The weight-relieved hose with its powerful nozzle is easy to operate and does not need any pressure for digging. Hose and nozzle can also be released and gripped during work, which simplifies the work.

Save time and money

With its capacity and efficiency, the TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T can function as the only method for digging and removing material, for example when replacing cable cabinets and soil preparation before construction. Invest in your machine park or rent via DISAB Rental – halve both working hours and staff in future projects.

Created by DISAB

TrailerVAC ™ SDW-3,5T is developed by DISAB - a leading manufacturing company for mobile, semi-mobile and stationary vacuum systems. With innovative solutions, we help our customers in the industrial and construction sectors to absorb, transport and recycle loose material and spillages. Read more at disab.com.